Woodstock, New York

Deck Pool.jpg
woodstock garden plan

The construction of the landscape for this weekend house was phased over several years.  Landscape features include a line of Sugar Maples defining the driveway, a juniper hedge screening the auto court, an orchard of crabapples, the planting of canopy trees to renew the park-like feeling of the entry lawn, a deer resistant perennial border, a wildflower meadow and a fenced cottage garden.

The Cottage Garden fence allows a full range of lush perennials to be featured beyond the reach of deer.  An egg-shaped lawn provides a central gathering space and the garden terraces down with the topography, orienting toward the distant view.  Planting beds radiate out from the lawn in contrasting bands of color that include a Daylily bank, a mixed perennial border, a band of Lily Turf, a white border and a sunny border.  A system of stone paths and stairs provide a variety of options for experiencing the garden.



associated Architect:

Kliment Halsband Architects