Rockefeller university welch hall

New York, New York

Rockefeller University Welch Hall 6.jpg

At Rockefeller University we designed the landscape around the Welch Hall Library and Founders Hall Building complex including two adjacent courtyards overlooking the East River.  We began with an analysis of the larger campus that helped determine the key priorities and character of the spaces. The courtyard designs provided a range of spaces for varied activities including a small plaza for dining, a larger plaza for events, a large native perennial garden, intimate settings for individuals and overlooks focusing on the expansive views across the East River. Materials reinforced the character of the spaces and included gravel, exposed aggregate concrete and stone setts. Our design set a clear organization of walks and rows of trees that framed an exuberant native plant perennial garden in which natural processes take a part in completing the design.  Plants are encouraged to range freely as species vie for dominance and the garden stabilizes over time. River views are a major focus of the courtyard with areas for informal gathering as well as places where larger events can be accommodated. Custom marble seats on metal legs lit from below punctuate the composition during the day and at night. The marble for the seats came from the same quarry as the stone used in the original green and referenced the central campus.



building renovation Architect:

Kliment Halsband Architects