Cincinnati Art Museum masterplan

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati Art Museum is sited on a hilltop in Eden Park overlooking the city below. As the Museum has grown multiple additions have triggered the continual filling of the side slopes of the hill to accommodate more parking.  This constrained situation has led to the main entrance being moved to the back of the building away from the entrance drive. We were the landscape architect on a team that identified strategies for future Museum expansion.

We proposed building a new parking garage into the slope at the base of the museum building allowing 150 surface parking spaces and a loop road to be removed.  With the parking pressure relieved the site can be returned to its original park-like setting.  A new building addition provides much needed visitor amenities and reorients the Museum entrance toward the entrance drive. A series of landscaped terraces step up around the new lobby leading to a new cafe terrace and sculpture garden on the site of the previous parking lot. 



master plan Architect:

Cooper Robertson