brown university life sciences building landscape

Providence, Rhode Island

Brown University life sciences
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brown university life sciences
brown university life sciences
brown university brown sciences
brown university life sciences

We designed the landscape for Brown’s New Life Sciences Building as the first segment of the new linking campus. The building, designed prior to the linking campus work, consists of a z-shaped structure that weaves between and around existing buildings. Two five story buildings stand 36 feet apart creating a canyon through which the new connecting campus must pass. The slot is spanned by a two story high glass bridge at its northern end.

Elements are linear and asymmetrical to create a sense of movement. Benches are low concrete and stone retaining walls, lighting is suspended from wires overhead and plantings are kept elemental to give the space a clear direction and minimize the clutter.  Diverse paving materials are closely related in color so that their textures are featured as light conditions evolve throughout the day.  

Our work also included the design of a courtyard formed between the new and existing buildings. Here the same basic elements are composed to create a quiet shady retreat.  A new wood and metal trellis extends the composition up the face of the existing building.



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