brown university athletic quadrangle

Providence, Rhode Island

brown university bear siting
brown athletic quadrangle.jpg
brown university athletic quadrangle

The Brown University Athletic Quadrangle realized our master plan for the Athletic Complex. It included the design of two open spaces on the site of a former parking lot.  A 150-year-old stone boundary wall was lowered to feature a new front green opening onto the public street.  This green serves as the forecourt to the larger quadrangle beyond and the two spaces frame the entry to the Athletic Complex.

The new quadrangle forms a central space around which existing facilities and a new Aquatic and Fitness Center designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects are grouped. A parking lot marks the site for a future building as the complex continues to develop.  A life size Brown Bear sculpture at the tangent point of the two greens symbolizes Brown’s athletic prowess.



aquatic and fitness center Architect:

Robert a.m. Stern architects